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Your Old Smartphone
There are so many Apps available that it will make your head swim.  If you can think of it, “There’s an App for That!”  Apps being so popular, we decided to add another category to our blog specifically for Apps.  As we come across interesting and useful Apps, we will write an opinionated post about it.  We hope you find these interesting and useful.

Today’s Featured App: Camio

If you, like many others, decided that trading in your iPhone 4s (or any older iPhone or smartphone) was not in your best interest, here is a convenient and intelligent use for your extra cell phone.  Turn it into a High Definition security and surveillance camera with Camio!

Applications (AKA: Apps) can do almost anything and here is one that may put your extra cell phone back in your good graces.  Camio can turn your spare cell phone (tablet or PC) into a home surveillance camera that is affordable, effective and dependable.  Cloud based cameras are very expensive, come with a monthly subscription and sometimes offer many more “bells and whistles” than you really want or need.

Camio is a cloud-based App that transforms your smartphone, tablets and even your PC into a monitoring device.  Features include: live streaming, motion detection, alerts, and more.  The cool aspect of Camio is that it’s based off motion, it only uploads stuff when it detects actual motion, giving it a remarkably small bandwidth footprint, thus saving you money while adding the home security feature you desire.  It even has a feature called Camio Daily that provides a snapshot of the day in under a minute.

Real-Time Monitoring is also available; Camio notifies you when it detects interesting events, either via IM or push notifications and you can setup motion-detection zones in your surveillance areas.

Of course is comes with the entry level free service that that includes real-time search and alerts, as well as 30-day cloud recording for one device.  But if you want to record with two or more devices, use IP cameras and more, the $9 per month Plus plan is what you’ll need.

Don’t be so quick to “Trade-In” when you upgrade the next time.  The carrier will refurbish your device and re-sell it for a nice profit.  If the device is still in good working order then consider hanging on to it for a while, you never know what technology will turn out next!


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