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Word Up
Question: What is the second most used APP in the world?  (Browsers are #1)

Answer: Microsoft Word!

Today I will provide you with some neat tips on how to better use your word processor.

Cloud Photos: Embedding an image not on your computer is now easier than ever with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud based storage option.  2013 Word lets you pull your images from the cloud and add to your Word doc.  Click “Insert,” “Online Pictures,” and select your image you have stored.

Videos: With 2013 Word, you can embed videos right into your document.  Click “Insert,” then “Online Video,” now paste the embed code into your document!

Dictionary: Need more words or improved dictionary?  Download Bing Dictionary and all the new terms and phrases will be at your fingertips

Placeholders: When you wish to estimate the amount of text needed to propagate a space; Type =rand(p,l) and press Enter to insert “p” number of paragraphs containing “l” number of lines.  Lorem Ipsum quasi-Latin placeholder text it the industry standard, simply type =lorem(p,l) and press Enter.

Lost Documents: Forget to “Save” your Word doc and suddenly your PC closes the window?  Here’s the quick way to recover your document: Click “File,” then “Info,” then “Manage Version,” then select “Recover Unsaved Documents.”

Text Select: Quickly select blocks of text with this simple keyboard shortcut: Triple-click in the paragraph to highlight it, press the CTRL key and click in a sentence will select the sentence.

Regardless of your skills with Word, there are always new steps to help you improve your computing.  We recommend Microsoft Office 365 to many of our customers, for up to date Office Applications that always keeps you with the latest version for one low annual fee.


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