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Word Tips
Most people are either “Mousers” or “Keyboarders” which simply means that you prefer to use the mouse over the keyboard and vice versa.  Keyboarders should love these next few posts on how to utilize your Microsoft Office suite even better.

Today, we will start with Microsoft Word, the text document software all of us have grown to love and can’t live without.  Here are a few tips on how to use it better:

  • Want to make a specific word, line, or phrase point to a specific Internet link?
    Copy the link you want to use, highlight your desired text, press Ctrl + K or Command + K, and then paste in the URL
  • Need to quickly access the thesaurus?
    Press Shift + F7
  • Want to rearrange items in a bulleted or numbered list?
    Press Alt + Shift, or right click the bullets or numbers to reveal Restart Numbering and Continue Numbering options
  • Want to display a list of all your open documents?
    Press Alt + W then W by itself
  • Want to compare two documents side by side?
    Press Alt + W + B
  • Use Track Changes to edit documents often?
    Rather than digging through Word’s extensive drop-down menus, press Ctrl + Shift + E to turn Track Changes on quickly
  • Unsure what a word means or how it’s being used?
    Right-click on any word in a document to show its definition, translate it into another language, or view its synonyms

I have a few more of these Microsoft Office Tips, so stay tuned to our Tech Tips!



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