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Why Didn’t I Backup My Data?
OK, your computer crashed and it’s time to buy a new one, but your data is lost as well.  All those emails and financial files you knew were valuable are now gone, and your shiny new PC is sitting there waiting on you to begin filling it up with new information, but this time your going to back it up, but how?

There are several methods of data backup’s to ensure its safety, some better than others, but the most important thing is that you do it!  Let’s cover a few ways to backup your data:

CD’s:  Burning your files to a disc and store them away for safe keeping.
PROS – You can store the discs off-site.
CONS – You physically have to burn the discs over and over again and the cost of discs is a factor.

Flash Drives:  Probably the most common method of data backups.
PROS – It’s easy and inexpensive.
CONS – You loose the flash drive or it often times fails before you really need it.  Flash drives were not intended to be a safe form of data storage long-term.

External Hard Drives:  Some consider the external as a fail safe method of back ups.
PROS – Inexpensive and effective method of storage.
CONS – If you don’t physically do it, it’s worthless.

Cloud:  Storing your information on a remote server, often referred to as “Cloud Based Backup” is the preferred method.
PROS – It can be automated, it’s off-site in the event of a tragedy.
CONS – There is a cost involved, albeit a small fee but nonetheless a cost.

Regardless of how you prefer to save your information, saving it is the point!