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Here is our latest video release on “What Makes Us Unique!” 

3 basic principles make us unique:

  1. Response Time
  2. Support Plans
  3. Technicians

Response Time: 
We provide a 2 hour response time derived from your schedule.  Being available to address your needs is critical to serving you.

  • On-Site – We visit your home or office and address the issue on the premises.
  • Call – We call you to evaluate the issue and determine the best method of service for this particular instance and proceed.
  • Text Message – Many customers prefer text messaging, we fully support your preferred method of communication.
  • Remote Support – Our technicians can connect to your computer remotely and correct most problems without interrupting your schedule.

Support Plans: 
We like options and always communicate all options available to our customers.

  • Pre-Paid – This is our lowest and most cost effective agreement.  Designed for the small business owner with multiple computers to maintain.  One monthly retainer fee keeps all computers and networks working efficiently.
  • Pay As You Go – This is our hourly rate, we can visit your location to repair on-site, take the computer to our office for repair or work remotely to fix the computer issue.
  • 10 Hour Blocks – Individuals or small business owners can purchase computer.


  • Communicate: Every technician within our company must be very open and honest with every client and be friendly and accessible. Our ability to be friendly and social with each and every client is important, we strive to be more than just a “Computer Guy” we are your trusted ally.
  • Relate: Our team of technicians all relate to the situation you are enduring. Even though it may be a simple fix for us, to you it’s a big deal. We try not to underplay or overplay the issues involved with computing, instead we strive to relate to every client in every situation.
  • Professional: Every technician with John McCann & Associates are excellent at computer services. Professionalism to us is appearance, attitude and overall demeanor. When we enter your home or office your first impression will be that we are professional!

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