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Virus and threatening issues for your computer can be downloaded from the Internet and obtained from other sources.  We strongly recommend a 3 step approach for virus protection.

  1. Industry Leading Software
  2. Automated Updates
  3. Weekly Scans

Industry Leading Software: 
There are numerous industry leaders for virus protection software, there are a variety of well-known companies and many competent lesser-known companies as well.  We help you decide what works best for your situation.

Automated Updates: 
Anti-virus software can only be efficient if it is up to date on the current threats.  New computer threats arise often, without proper updates the software is unable to combat many of the newer issues.  Automated software updates is easy, efficient and keeps your computer protected.

Weekly Scans: 
Staying protected means having your anti-virus software always running in the background of your computer.  Regardless of computer (PC or Mac) all computers are susceptible to viruses.

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