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The New Apple Watch
As the leader of an industry, you fall under immense scrutiny when launching a new product line.  Much has been said, both positive and negative, about the Apple Smartwatch which will be available very soon.  We prefer to air on the side of neutrality on new products so today’s post will be primarily focused on the features, not opinions.  Our next blog being on the functions of the iWatch.

It has been 5 years since Apple launched its previous product line, the iPad.  We all know how viral and replicated that product went and how it changed our mobile Internet access.  Every competitor rushed to create “pads” and compete with Apple.  Low cost, entry level pads failed in comparison and ultimately let consumers down, whereas the higher end competitor pads perform excellently.


Preorders of the iWatch will be available in 2 days on April 10th.  Official sale of the iWatch is set for April 24th.  It will initially be available in nine countries, including UK, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and France.  The starting price is acceptable at $349, but if you add in all the bells and whistles, it can escalate to $17,000.


Unlike the iPad, the Apple Watch is not the 1st of its kind; smartwatches have been available for some time, just not the Apple brand that dedicated consumers follow diligently.  It’s a smartwatch, much like other high-end smartwatches that are in the market from Samsung, Google and others, but the iWatch is different:

  • It operates on a new software
  • It runs its own apps
  • It will connect to your iPhone
  • It’s a fashion statement

The design is not “head-turning” new, as sport watches have been in high demand and evolving for over a decade.  The Sport Watch version is comparable to the Samsung’s Gear watches.

Apple’s pitch to their client base (us included) is the thousands of apps that will enable the iWatch to perform much like our beloved pads, phones and Mac’s.  It is this promise and anticipation that keeps us from pre-judging the new product.  IF, they hold true to their claims this could be another breakthrough line for the company.

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