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The iWatch Conclusion
It has been nearly a month since Apple launched its new iWatch.  Today we conclude our segment on the new product line and adhere to our admission of being pre-maturely unbiased in our opinions.  One short month does not a technological product make or break.

Today’s post concludes with the fashion side of the three versions of the iWatch.  As with any good product, there must be tiers in order to satisfy all levels of customers.  Apple has always abided to this design and provides several models to choose from.


There are three levels of the watch, all with the curved design and rectangular display.  On the software side, they are the same: features, storage and connectivity are identical amongst the 3 tiers.  It’s the fashion side that makes them different, materials, bands, etc.  Each model will be offered in a men’s and women’s line, available in two different watch body sizes, 38mm and 42mm.

Apple Sport: (sport model) has the popular synthetic rubber band and an aluminum-alloy body with color options of: silver, space gray or black.  It costs $349 for the smaller (women’s) 38mm display, or $399 for the larger (men’s) 42mm.

Apple Watch: (the mid-tier model) comes in stainless steel with a sapphire crystal and a ceramic back.  Two color choices are steel and space black steel.  There will be a plethora of optional accessories available in the watch bands, with the appropriate price margin included.  It starts at $549 and goes up from there.

Apple Watch Edition: (fashion model) will be offered with an 18-karat gold frame, with sapphire crystal and ceramic back and starts at $10,000.  Available options can price this model up to $17,000.


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