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Talking to your Computer Repair Man
I am a very patient and understanding Christian man, and I fully understand that describing the issues related to a computer may require terms that many people do not understand.  I always try to ask the simple questions and never get too technical while on the phone with a client.  Here are a few things I’ve learned in my career of PC repair.

Before calling, jot down a few notes; when the computer worked right last, what it did before it became an issue, anything you have done to try and fix the problem.  A few well written notes will keep things moving forward most of the time.

Error Messages:  If the PC displayed an error message, remember it, write it down or copy paste it somewhere.  Error messages are the codes that help the IT person quickly determine what is wrong.

Be specific when answering questions.  Remember, we are here to help, but vague answers like “my computer doesn’t work” isn’t helping.  Try saying for example; “I was downloading some music on a free website when a Pop Up appeared and I tried to close it”.  Specific answers and descriptions help a lot.

Speak clearly, don’t use slang terms or mumble when on the phone with the tech.  Background noises can also cause a misunderstanding, turn the TV off or volume down will help a lot.

Don’t take it personal, the issue at hand may or may not be your fault, but us computer professionals do not point the finger of blame, everyone has PC problems so don’t get emotional.

These simple tips on communication can save you a lot of time, money and frustration, relax and let us drive with our Rapid Remote Service.  We login to your computer and you can watch us fix the problem from our office.


John McCann
John McCann & Associates