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We are proud and active members of the Statesville business community. We believe that community involvement, support and small business solicitation is the heartbeat of the Statesville small business community.

John McCann & Associates are long standing and active members of the Statesville Chamber of Commerce and support them and the Iredell County residents and businesses with affordable, quality computer services. Our involvement in the Iredell County business community is well respected as a quality computer services professionals. We aim to please all our clients and do so with fast response time, affordable service plans and flexible schedules.

Computer Service Plans
We offer numerous support plans that will fit into any individuals or small business’s schedule and budget. Computer service plans start with several basic options:

Block of Hours: You can pre-pay for a block of computer support hours and utilize them only when needed. We provide the exact same fast, quality computer services and you receive a significant discount by paying in advance.

Monthly Maintenance: Small business owners with numerous computers and work stations require more attention than the typical client. Our monthly maintenance service plans gets you that attention and more! We work around your schedule to keep all your equipment and network operating at optimal performance, without interrupting your daily business.

Pay by the Hour: This computer service plans fills most of our Statesville resident’s needs. When issues arise, we come fix them. You only pay for what we don and nothing more, many single and dual computer homeowners finds this is the best means of computer repair for them.

Customized Plans: Our ability to create a computer support plan that specifically meets the needs, time and budget of our Statesville small business owners is very attractive. Some of the options we customize are:

Time – when we come to perform the computer work

Rate – customized rates of pay

Computer Specification – we only work on the systems and network the client specifies

Payment Methods – we accept check, cash, all major credit cards and PayPal. We also have scheduled payment available



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