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Solving ALL Your Small Business Computer Problems
Mooresville & Lake Norman small business owners and managers cringe at the thought of their network or computers having issues.  Downtime is a small business nightmare and when its computer related and the IT Guy is unavailable, the frustration mounts even further.

Here is a brief look into our strategy to protect and maintain small business networks.

  1. Evaluate, address and repair/replace current issue with any hardware.  This would include PC’s, Tablets, Laptops, Pads, Servers, Phones, Peripherals and any other related device.  Most of the problem with hardware can be repaired quickly.  Hardware replacement recommendations come IF, the hardware is outdated or repair costs exceed replacement cost.
  2. Evaluate, address and update/replace current issues with any network software.  Software is the heartbeat of a small business network, therefore we always recommend avoiding “Freeware” and utilizing a maintenance plan.  Data backup and operations software must perform as expected.
  3. Network maintenance is critical, much like an automobile that needs routine tires, oil, brakes and belts, your network also operates at peak performance when maintained correctly.  Maintenance consists of updating and/or replacement of hardware and software.  Again; replacement recommendations come IF, the network is outdated or repair costs exceed replacement cost.
  4. Fast response time is vital when addressing a small business computing issue and communicating with the owner or office manager relieves much of the stress.  We customize our communications to meet your preferences and utilize all methods of communications to respond promptly to all requests for service.

Avoiding frustration and downtime with small business computing networks is what we do and we do it very well.  Experience and professionalism is the forefront of our business and we take your network seriously.

If you are/have experienced frustrating computing issues, network downtime, or slow/unresponsive IT Guys, consider calling us.  Our team of technicians cover from Statesville to Huntersville (the east side of Lake Norman) and we welcome your call.


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