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Should I consider a Refurbished Computer?
Another question brought up at our recent roundtable meeting was the topic of Refurbished Computers.  Since all computers have a life span, sooner or later purchasing a new one will be inevitable and the prices of a refurb is very attractive.  So, we decided this another excellent topic to explore and put online for our clients.  We offer computer purchase assistance for our clients.

Always do your research, being an educated shopper is the most valuable asset you will have for purchasing your next computer.  How will you use the computer?

  • Gaming
  • Business
  • Graphic/Web Design
  • Surf/Social Internet

Determining your needs will best determine the computer to purchase.  Don’t JUST buy on price alone!

Types of Refurbished Computers

  1. Restored – is a term used for a computer that has had the data and optional software removed and has been restored to the factory default settings.  Often seen on P2P websites like Craigslist and EBay as “slightly used” these are the ones to avoid.
  2. DIY – is a term we use for individuals that believe themselves to be proficient in refurbishing a PC.  A damaged computer would be purchased for minimal monies and “Refurbed” by the individual and re-sold to the public online or in person.  Factory parts (or cheaper versions) may or may not be used, so reverting back to our first piece of advice and “Be an Educated Shopper”.
  3. Professionally Refurbished – is what many professionally trained and certified computer repair technicians do as partial income.  This should be from a local computer repair technician that you know or comes highly recommended, guys like us know what we’re doing and can consult with you IF this is a good purchase for you.
  4. Damaged – these are typically sold as New Computer, but were damaged in shipping.  In many (but not all) cases, damaged in shipping simply means that the Big Box Store rejected an entire truckload and everything on the truck is required to be listed as “Damaged” or “Refurbished”.

Another major factor is warranty, if the seller offers a 30 day warranty for a refurbished computer you have qualified, it MAY be a good purchase.  What is covered under the warranty?  Reading the “fine print” could save you some trouble down the road.  Standing behind a product is important, typically the machine will malfunction rather quickly (in most cases) so if it makes it past the warranty, it probably is OK.

Lastly, the one variable we all agree on is:
You Get What You Pay For!


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