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Remote Repair
With today’s technology, it is amazing how things can get done.  Our government can send a spaceship into orbit and communicate flawlessly during the mission.  Our military can remotely control numerous defense weapons without the need of physical personnel being in any danger.  Doctors can view inside our bodies and make educated decisions on what is wrong and how to effectively treat it, without ever making an incision or inflicting any pain to the patient.

These are just a few examples of how far technology has grown in the past decade, much less the past century.  It always amazes me at how efficient we as a nation have become and how we can operate our businesses better and at a lower cost to our clients.

Rapid Remote Repair is the term we use to work ultra efficient and save you money on computer repairs.  Here is a brief look into how it works and why we utilize this very valuable tool.  With you at your home or office (where ever your computer is) and us at our computer, we establish the conversation via telephone.  Once we have discussed the issue, I can send you an email with a verification link so you can agree to the terms of the software program.  The software will place a cookie (small piece of software) on your computer that will enable me to “login” to your PC.  I then can move the cursor around on your screen while you watch and diagnose, access and repair the issue.  Once the problem is fixed, we will break the connection or “log-out” of the session, the cookie will dissolve and I will no longer have access to your machine.  I can not regain access until I send you another email and re-establish the connection all over again, so your property is protected.

This technology offers another higher level of access we utilize for my Managed Services clients (those who receive monthly service).  I can install the cookie on a more permanent basis and access the computer without the need of email permission.  This enables me to fix you PC anytime, perform maintenance remotely without ever disrupting your daily routine or visiting your office.

Technology will never cease to amaze me; I relish the conversations with my co-workers on the topic of “What’s Next with Technology?”


John McCann
John McCann & Associates