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Preparing for a Computer Repair
Here are some tips on what you can do to your small business computer prior to us picking it up for a repair.  Depending on the nature of your call, there are numerous tests. Functions and upgrades we may need to perform in order to get your machine back to operating normally.

Please change the password to your computer and any related account we may need access to, then change them back upon return of your computer.  We have no interest in malicious activity (we actually try to thwart it) when you provide us with your information, you have entered into a trust relationship with us and changing the password removes any doubt.

All important, sensitive and personal data with any value should be backed up to the cloud or an external prior to our arrival.  This is just common sense and should be done anyway.  Dropbox, OneDrive and even Google Drive, to name a few of the many, are good choices for remote backup.  We recommend Carbonite.

Creating an image backup (copy of your Hard Drive) on an external is a good idea too.  BE FOREWARNED…you may copy your problem over to the external and reinstall it after the repair.  Communicate with your IT professional to ensure your data is safe.

Another smart and helpful idea is to digitize all information (passwords, logins, PC problems, etc…).  I like Microsoft Word, but any text processor will work fine.  Save the document on your desktop and print two copies; one for us and one for you.

These are things that save us time and you money.  We always strive for a good experience with every small business computer repair we perform and a few simple tasks on our clients end can save them time, money and frustration!



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