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Password Security
Hackers make the evening news regularly, attacks on Internet giants like: Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Target are big news because they contain our personal information.

How does Mega-Giants like Facebook get hacked…Aren’t they in the Super Software industry with tons of security?

Well, yes they are, but it’s not them actually getting hacked, it’s you!

Here’s an example of how hackers get your data:

  1. Malicious software (Malware) is downloaded to your computer, unbeknownst to you
  2. The malware records your logins and passwords and transmits it back to the hackers proxy server
  3. The hacker collects the data and utilizes it to access the Mega-Server
  4. Accounts are breached for their sensitive data, which is organized to create value
  5. Your info (along with thousands of other peoples) is sold, typically overseas where our laws are not upheld
  6. The breech actually occurs far away in another country

Here are a few tips on how to keep your information safe from hackers.

2 Factor Authentication: 3rd party services offering password management use 2 factor authentication of encryption to protect against the bad guys.  Nearly every business involved with secure information: HIPPA, PCI & FINRA to name a few, use this level of security.

Software Updates: keeping your antivirus software up to date for all known potential threats will thwart a lot of issues.  We always suggest your antivirus to be set to automatically update.  PS: Don’t depend on Freeware.

Change Passwords: if you use the same password for all accounts, you are leaving the door open for hackers.  Unique passwords keep the bad guys out even if they enter one of your accounts they don’t have access to all of them.  Strong passwords like: P@ssW0rd#45 instead of password45 will help a lot too.

Personal Accounts: every time you enter your banking account or any account with secure information, check for malicious activity.  Addressing threats ASAP will stop the issue from getting worse.

3rd Party Protection: there are several reputable ID Protection services available at reasonable rates.  These companies can help prevent the attack and work toward returning your status to the level is was before the breech or better.  Google “Legal Shield” for more information.

Call 704-662-6845: if any or all of this sounds too complicated or going to consume time that you don’t have right now, call on us for assistance.  We are always happy to help our clients be as safe as possible, it’s like Internet insurance!



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