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We founded our IT Company with numerous specific requirements in mind.  A lot of thought and foresight precluded the introduction of John McCann & Associates.

Today I will discuss our technicians/associates, it was unanimously agreed upon by all associates involved with the compilation of our company that all technicians should excel at computer services, that was a given.  We decided to focus also on several of the factors that are often overlooked by others in our industry.

Our technicians must meet numerous requirement to be one of our associates:

  1. Communicate: Every technician within our company must be very open and honest with every client and be friendly and accessible.  Our ability to be friendly and social with each and every client is important, we strive to be more than just a “Computer Guy” we are your trusted ally.
  2. Relate: Our team of technicians all relate to the situation you are enduring.  Even though it may be a simple fix for us, to you it’s a big deal.  We try not to underplay or overplay the issues involved with computing, instead we strive to relate to every client in every situation.
  3. Professional: Every technician with John McCann & Associates are excellent at computer services.  Professionalism to us is appearance, attitude and overall demeanor.  When we enter your home or office your first impression will be that we are professional!

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