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Online Identity Protection
Gmail, Yahoo email, Twitter, Facebook and all email or social media accounts that require the setup of an account with a password is able to be “hacked” into and your previously secure data/information is now in the hands of malicious individuals.

Bank accounts, e-commerce websites and any online website that requires you to enter your credit card information is liable to be “hacked” and your previously secure data/information is now in the hands of malicious individuals.

Identity theft is a major issue now that the Internet is common place in our lives.  Online theft is one of the hardest crimes to solve, due to the global access our Internet provides.  Basically, someone can “hack” into your account from a foreign country and steal from you and never be prosecuted.

Online identity protection is another hot topic that has developers and providers working overtime.  The ability to protect your client’s identity is a major concern for all major online product providers, but it doesn’t stop there.  It is equally our responsibility to use good judgment and common sense when shopping online and setting up accounts.  I will delve into online identity protection today and in upcoming posts, so stay tuned to this very important series as it applies to all of us.

Today’s Tip: Protect your PC and identity by keeping your anti-virus software up to date and running.  Don’t use free software, you will get exactly what you pay for!  Purchase a quality, name brand anti-virus and keep it running in the background at all times.  Make certain that it is set to automatically update to the newest version and provide protection for the latest bugs, viruses and nasty stuff that the malicious individuals create.

We always advise on being proactive and prepared, it saves you lots of money, stress and frustration in the long run.  Check back next week as I write about other ways to protect yourself from “hackers”.

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