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Office 365 in 2016
In 2016 Microsoft Office 365 will release an immaculately updated version of their data managing software.  Many of the improvements are designed for “Power Users” and IT Professionals, but the average Office user will indeed benefit from this marginal upgrade.  Microsoft has listened and acted on our requests.

The biggest obstacles: cross-compatible, cross-platform and cross-device friendliness, the Office footprint will soon grow to embrace:

  • iPad Tablets
  • Android Tablets
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Internet

New & Improved

Cloud Based Applications:
All 2016 applications will have the ability to create, open, edit and save files in the cloud from your desktop, so you can access them from anywhere and on any device.

Real time edits by multi-users will be embraced by collaborative co-workers.  Monitor what other editors are working on and what they are writing as they make the changes.

Excel Users:
Spreadsheet enthusiasts will be able to access data faster, analyze it quicker and connect to and view more data.  Data sources from websites, corporate data and previously inaccessible data sources like: SAP Business Objects, Salesforce and Hadoop will now be available for viewing and editing.

New for IT Professionals (like us)

Data Loss:
DLP (Data Loss Protection) will be available in 2016 Office 365 Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  This is a HUGE improvement for our small business clients and reinforces our statement of ongoing data protection.

Network Traffic Management:
Through the new BITS (Background Intelligence Transfer Service) we can automatically optimize the bandwidth (network speed) during critical network traffic periods.

Software Management:
Using the new Flexible update management aspect of Office 365, we can manage updates and bug fixes and still receive regular security updates.

In Conclusion:
Overall, we are very excited about the improvements to our favorite small business software.  As with all “Change” there will be aspects that will be more embraced than others, that’s why Microsoft is addressing that hurdle now.  Microsoft has invited many of us “Power Users” to preview 2016 Office and send feedback, this is a bold move of which we will take full advantage.

If you have been selected to preview 2016 Office 365, we encourage you to accept the invitation, be open-minded and send honest, relevant feedback.



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