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iPhone Tips 9
Since we all have new iPhones and iPads and iToys (I made that up) after Christmas, it’s time to learn how to better utilize these wonderful tools.  Today we continue our online workshop series on the iPhone with tips on how to:

  1. Screen Orientation
  2. Reminders
  3. Emoticons

Lock the Screen Orientation: 
If you do not like it when your iPhone screen rotates from portrait to landscape and visa-versa that can be locked.  Simply swipe UP on your screen for access to the Multi-Tasking Toolbar, there is an icon of a lock with an arrow circling it, tap the lock to lock or unlock your screen orientation.


I am a BIG calendar guy, so iPhone Reminders has become one of my favorite tools to keep me reminded of my meetings.  Tap the Reminders icon for access, enter the name of the reminder, select the date and time for the notification, choose to repeat the reminder or set as a onetime reminder.  You can also set priority levels to the reminder.


My marketing manager LOVES the emoticons on his iPhone, but he never knew how to access hundreds more emoticons, here’s how:  Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> International Keyboards.  Now you have access to hundreds of smileys, animals, shapes and a plethora of emoticons.

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