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iPhone Tips 8
Are you asking for a new iPhone for Christmas?  I hope you get it!  I love the new iPhone 5 C; the colors are exactly what iPhone needed.  Before you had to purchase a bulky, but colorful case to dress up your iPhone, now it’s built in.

Today we enter into iPhone Tips #8, if you have been following along from the initial one, Thank You, I hear a lot of feedback from this topic and it’s all positive.

New Mail > Looking for an email?  Refresh your Inbox to download all new messages with a downward swipe; it’s just like clicking Send/Receive on your computer.

Fast Photo > the Camera icon is always present when your screen is locked.  Swipe Up to quickly open the Camera App and instantly be ready to snap that great photo.

I Lost My iPhone > this tip is VERY Important!  All iPhone’s have a Find My iPhone App.  Tap Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and turn the locator on.  Now you can login to your iCloud from another computer and locate your phone if it is lost or stolen.

New Event > quickly & easily creates a new event simply by touching anywhere on the calendar.  Changing the event to a different date is easy too; just drag the event to the new day, week or month.

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