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iPhone Tips 2
We received such a HUGE response from our original iPhone Tips post that we must post more.  Several clients and individuals have requested we make this a regular section of our Tech Tips.  We are taking that into consideration, but for now, here’s a few more.

  1. If you are a music lover, you can easily create a playlist on your iPhone.  Using the Music App on your 4S, tap “Playlist” than “Add Playlist” and proceed to name your playlist.  Next tap “Add Song” and it will be added to your custom playlist.  You can add songs one at a time or entire albums from your favorite artists.
  2. If screen flipping (jumping from portrait to landscape) is annoying to you, here is a tip you will like.  Double tap the “Home” button and navigate left to right for the icon that is an arrow similar to a circle (it is gray).  Tap the “Arrow” to open and adjust the “Portrait Orientation” lock.  Unfortunately this only works vertically; horizontal locking is not available on the Siri.
  3. Make your iPhone 4S an Internet “Hotspot” so other wireless devices can access the Internet.  Find “Network” in “General Settings”, tap “Set-up Personal Hotspot”.  You must contact your service provider the first time you set this up, additional fees usually apply depending upon your provider.
  4. Change the voice of your iPhone from an American woman to a British gentleman or any of the available options by going to “General Settings” then “Siri” and select “Language Options”.  There are five choices to choose from.
  5. Use your iPhone as a television remote control by downloading the free app “BlinQ TV”.  This will enable you to control your TV, DVD player and other devices from your iPhone.  Apple’s infrared emitter is required to operate this app, it can be purchased from Apple for approximately $10, a prompt will appear when you download the app.


John McCann
John McCann & Associates