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Today is January 31 and we have been discussing our new iPhones all month, this will be the last iPhone tips in this short post-holiday Tech Tips mini-series.  Next month, we will jump into the iPad.  Tech Tips for today are: camera, AirPlay and email.

iPhone Tips 11Camera Zoom: 
We love the camera features the iPhone has, many of us switched over to the iPhone specifically for the better picture capabilities it has.  When taking a picture, zoom in and out with a pinch!  With a quick pinch on your screen, you can zoom in our out up to 5x.  The zoom slider will also allow you to zoom.

AirPlay Broadcast: 
AirPlay allows you to show off your photos, videos, and many more cool things.  Simply tap the AirPlay icon in a specific app like: Photos, Videos, Music, Safari, or any AirPlay enabled app, and you can stream everything to your HDTV via your Apple TV.

I am an organization freak, not so much to drive my wife crazy, but I dislike my mobile devices being cluttered with useless data, especially my email inbox.  Keep your inbox clean, by going to your Mail and easily delete or move messages in batches vs. one at a time.  In your inbox, tap Edit >> select the messages you want to organize >> tap Delete or Move.

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