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iPhone Tips 10
I am amazed at how often people comment on my Tech Tips (blog posts)and Tech Tidbits (email messages), it brings a sense of accomplishment to hear someone say they liked the tip and it helped them learn their phone, pad or computer better.

Continuing with this short post-holiday series on the iPhone (since we all upgraded at Christmas), today we will delve into: alerts, maps and the keyboard.  If you enjoy these tips, please tell a friend.

Special Tone Alerts: 
On aspect of the iPhone I enjoy is setting specific alerts (AKA ringtones) for specific reasons; my beautiful wife has her own ringtone, text messages are unique, email has a one of a kind alert too.  Personalizing your iPhone is easy: go to Settings >> Sounds and assign a unique alert to any event/notification you wish, even the calendar!

Map Pins: 
One of the highly underutilized tools on the iPhone is map pins.  Map pins make finding an address, location or getting directions easy.  In Maps >> Touch and Hold anywhere to drop a Map Pin.  The map pin can even be shared with a friend for easy directions for a meet up.

Keyboard Tricks: 
Much like map pins, there are numerous keyboard tricks/shortcuts most people don’t even know exist.

  1. To add a period and capitalize the next word, simply tap the space bar twice
  2. To enter a number or symbol quickly, touch and hold, then select the key you want.  Lifting your finger returns you to the alphabet keyboard
  3. Touch and hold any letter and a list of special characters will be revealed


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