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iPad Tips 3
I am having so much fun with my iPad that I can’t seem to put it down, it’s so addictive!  I’ve said it before and will say it again, “Apple products are too cool!”  That being said, here are some more fun tips for your iPad.

  • I like how Word will allow you to fix typos and suggest synonyms, here’s a trick for your iPad.  When attempting to copy a word > SELECT > tap REPLACE > choose from various suggestions of words to replace your highlighted one.
  • Only want to search for specific things on your iPad, restrict your search: SETTINGS > GENERAL > SPOTLIGHT SEARCH now adjust your search settings to your preference.
  • Trouble charging your iPad with USB ports?  Make sure you plug into a HIGH POWER port, you may have to check your computer specs, but as a general rule the USB ports in the back are more powerful.
  • Your Pages can easily be shared with the SHARE menu.  Quickly email your document as a Word doc or PDF.

If you have any iPad tips or tricks to share, please comment on this post and I will review them for admission to the iPad Tips section of my blog.


John McCann
John McCann & Associates