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How to Improve YOUR Company’s Computer Reliability
Small businesses rely on several critical elements to remain profitable, one of the key elements is the Data!  How you access, manipulate and exchange your company data has an impact on the “Bottom Line”, employee production and customer service.  Here are a few tips on how to improve your small business computing.

#1 Cloud Computing:
The “Cloud” is more secure and more reliable than ever!  There are numerous avenues available, at very reasonable costs that will enable your small business to become “Cloud Based” with its data.

Having access to your company information creates a flexible work environment for: management, 3rd party contractors (CPA, Lawyer, Etc…), commission sales associates and even “Work from Home” situations.

#2 Computer Maintenance:
The PC or Mac your small business utilizes to access and manipulate your data is also critical to performance and production.  The hardware and software working fluently in conjunction with your data, promotes an effective and timely work environment.

Scheduled maintenance for your computers is exactly like scheduled maintenance for your car, it is necessary to stay at peak performance.  Software can be installed that will scan your machine periodically for issues and a thorough checkup is recommended at least quarterly.

#3 Data Center:
Where your “Local” files are stored is also important, even when utilizing the cloud.  In the event of a catastrophe, your data could be compromised, destroyed or stolen, regular backups are not an option but a must.

Off site or “Remote Backups” are available for businesses of all sizes.  Having a secure copy of all your data, in an area outside your business that you can access on demand is an insurance policy that will ensure disaster to your data will be avoided.

#4 Security:
Protecting your business data is the most important element.  The liability factor requires that data security must be a priority.  Encryption, firewalls and various security protocols can be implemented to protect your data and business.

If all or any of these 4 elements can improve your company’s computer reliability, we will be glad to help.  Our team of experienced IT professionals can ensure your small business’s computing services are operating at peak performance and is secure.


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