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At one of our more recent “Brain Storming” sessions, Tom brought up a very interesting point: “We fix computers, because people don’t understand the dangers of the Internet.”  What a powerful statement, everyone absorbed Tom’s comment and for one of those incredibly inspiring and brief seconds, we were one in thought and it silenced us.

So we jotted down some notes, went researching online for more Internet security related issues and compiled this post entitled: CYBERSECURITY

Bee often says; “Make a better mouse trap and they make a better mouse.”  Which is very true, we evolve and stress improvement; make it better, make it faster, make it cost less!  So, as we have become acclimated to the threats we see on our monitors, the Bad Guys have improved their ability to disguise their viruses, worms and horses from us and trick us into downloading their malicious intentions. (better mouse)

Internet Threats

  • Bad Guys hack into systems and alter files
  • Hackers use your computer to attack others
  • Steal confidential information
  • Viruses can erase your entire system

How to best protect your computer, data and yourself

  • Beware of Pop-Ups, attachments and emails from addresses you don’t know.  The easiest way to pick up a virus is opening things when you do not know the sender.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is!  Be smart and don’t fall prey to schemes and tactics that encourage you to provide your personal information or give money.
  • Never reply to requests for your personal information, it is always a scam.  Banks, universities and legitimate companies do not ask for that information over the Internet.
  • Use a secure, password- protected network to access the Internet.  Free WI-FI or unsecured wireless networks can provide access to your computer.
  • Password protect all Internet ready devices and use a strong secure password that only has meaning to you.
  • Type the URL in the address bar vs. clicking on the link when you are uncertain of the destination.

If your computer is slow, or stutters trying to open programs and web pages that you visit often, or you have that bad feeling that you’ve picked up a virus.  Please consider calling us, our job is to make your office computing as effortless as possible without any frustration.

We are your Technical Tylenol for all your computing issues!



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