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Computer Viruses
computer virus can enter your computer in numerous ways and can be very annoying and/or destructive.  In this Tech Tip, we’ll discuss the two types of computer viruses and how we remove them.

To be classified as a computer virus, it must be a program that can replicate and spread from one computer to another.  Replication requires the permission to execute code and write it to the memory of the computer, that is why most viruses are attached to an executable file (like an email), so when the user launches the file, the virus is activated.

Basically there are two types or categories of computer viruses; Nonresident and Resident.  Nonresident viruses immediately seek and infect other hosts.  Resident viruses load into the memory of the computer and launches at a later date.

Once again in layman’s terms, a nonresident virus will infect your computer immediately, whereas a resident computer virus will lay dormant on your computer until it is triggered to be activated.  Either of these types can potentially cause major damage to your machine.

The removal of a virus typically requires software specifically programmed to search the computer for irregularities and someone with the experience of working with virus software to manage the process of search and removal.  That’s where we come in, at John McCann & Associates; we specialize in the removal and prevention of computer viruses.  It is virtually impossible to avoid a virus, there are just too many of them being created and spread every day.  Our approach is to remove all viruses from your computer and install software to prevent the viruses from entering your computer.

If your computer is sluggish and not performing as you believe it should, it may have a virus (most people never know they have it until it’s too late).  Call me personally, myself or one of my expert associates will remove the virus and get your computer back to its peak performance level.

John McCann
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