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We provide Statesville with quality, affordable computer repair services!

We meet a lot of our clients by networking with the Statesville Chamber of Commerce.  During these events we will ask and be asked: “What do you do?”

I want our technicians to be rememberable as well as efficient and professional, so we decided to reply with: “We provide technical Tylenol for your computer pains.  In other words, we help business owners and office managers that are too busy to deal with their computer headaches.”

We save you:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Frustration

Time – if we can increase the efficiency and speed of your computer, laptop or network, you will obviously work faster and complete your duties quicker, thus saving time!  Our goal is to have your system functioning properly and advantageously so your work is completed sooner.

Money – really is not the root of all evil, it is a necessity to sustain life in todays economy!  Without funds to operate our business, provide for our family and entertain ourselves, life would obviously be much more stressful and not much fun.  We work attentively to deliver you with the best information, guidance and help when mending or exchanging your computer or network.  We are thrifty with your money as if it is our own.  Often times the most luxurious equipment is more than you really need.

Frustration – stress is a part of life that I believe can be controlled, at least in your office computing world.  Our team of professional computer repair technicians will eliminate much of that frustration with fast, effective service and computers that will maximize your performance and minimalize your stress.  We can’t eliminate all the stress in your life, but we can ensure your computing system is not frustrating you.

We want to be your Statesville computer repair technicians and provide the best service possible, at affordable rates!

John McCann
John McCann & Associates, Inc.
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