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Computer Services, Solutions & Support in Statesville
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A special “Thank You” to our owner, John McCann & United Federal Credit Union Branch Manager Joe Abbott & Ken Poindexter w/ eMarketWiz, Inc. for their contribution and support in creating this video!

In this video, John McCann (owner) describes a bit of our history (started in 2005) and how we relieve IT worries while providing comprehensive technical solutions to small businesses in the Greater Statesville, NC area.

Joe Abbott, Branch Manager of United Federal Credit Union in Statesville, NC talks about how important customer service is to their clients. United Federal Credit Union in Statesville, NC strives to provide services and experiences above and beyond the expectations of their clients and do so with strategic time management practices. Mark Wasil is the IT Director and he chose John McCann & Associates to provide their ongoing IT & computer support services because we provide the best combination of experience, customer service and value to his Statesville branch. Joe is quick to acknowledge their satisfaction regarding the knowledge of our technicians, our exceptionally quick response time and mainly our commitment to them and their needs.

Our Technicians:
We are extremely selective when bringing a technician onboard with our team. Any computer repair professional can fix your computer issue, but our technicians is what sets us apart from the others.
1. Communicate: Every technician within our company is always very open and honest with every client and are friendly and accessible. Most computer technicians struggle with basic communication skills with clients and that creates an uneasiness that is un-necessary. We believe in speaking directly to you, in a manner and terms you appreciate and understand, showing respect to you, your home or office and equipment. Our ability to be friendly and social with each and every client is important, we strive to be more than just a “Computer Guy” we are your trusted ally.
2. Relate: Our team of technicians all relate to the situation you are enduring. Even though it may be a simple fix for us, to you it’s a big deal. We try not to underplay or overplay the issues involved with computing, instead we strive to relate to every client in every situation. We know it’s stressful when your network is down and profits suffer, we arrive on time and help to alleviate that stress and get you back online and productive in a timely manner.
3. Professional: Every technician with John McCann & Associates are excellent at computer services, it’s the professionalism that makes the difference. Professionalism to us is appearance, attitude and overall demeanor. When we enter your home or office, your first impression will be that we are professional and courteous.
Every computer technician on our team not only understands our morals and ethics, they embrace them!


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