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Computer Repair Statesville North Carolina
From my very first visit to Statesville NC many years ago, I fell in love with this city!  History has always fascinated me and I pray that one day I will have more “free time” to learn more about local historical places, events and structures in the Statesville and Iredell County area.

I performed a computer repair in Statesvillea few weeks ago in a historical home.  The homeowner is a fascinating Statesville native that has a plethora of local history knowledge and enjoys sharing it.  My day instantly turned fascinating as I entered her drive, but skyrocketed upon entry into the immaculate home erected in the post-civil war era.

My visit began in awe of the exterior of her home, upon entry it was the antiques and decorations that captured my attention.  She was more than pleased to give me a tour of the home that had been in her family for over a century.

Once I was at her computer, the process was relatively quick and implementation of preventative software was provided, the service call was pretty much complete.  This phenomenal host offered me a glass of sweet tea (my weak spot) and began to unfold more history of her family, the home and the interior décor.

Fortunately, my next appointment was several hours away, as I was enthralled in her rendition of local history and before I knew it, another hour had passed.  AS I cordially thanked her for the history lesson, she invited me to include my wife on my next visit and not to wait until her PC needed fixing.

I love my job, but days like that really have me appreciating my profession!

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