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John McCann & Associates are long standing and supporting members of the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce and the local business community. We support local small businesses and residents with quality computer repair solutions and support, with a variety of affordable computer repair and maintenance options that will fit into any budget.

Our main office is strategically located in Mooresville (off Brawley School Road), which enables us to provide faster computer services to the entire Mooresville and South Iredell areas. Our focal points is top save you Time, Money and Frustration with your computer.

Time – we offer support plans that will enable us to respond (in person when needed) to your request for service in 2 hours or less. Small businesses in the Mooresville area must have their networks and computers up and running efficiently to maintain productivity. We provide that!

Money $ – our systematical approach to computers is similar to maintenance for your automobile, we keep your equipment operating at top speed and with regularly scheduled maintenance, we can avoid many issues and high repair or replacement costs with a scheduled computer check up.

Frustration – when your office is unproductive, it is stressful. Our quality technicians act fast to limit the downtime and stress. We have you back online quickly.

Our computer support plans provide multiple options to avoid stressful computer downtime, save you money and keep your equipment at peak performance, all at an affordable rate of pay on a support plan that you choose. We want to be much more than you’re “Mooresville Computer Guy”, we strive to be a friend and resource to your business and residence.



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