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Computer Problems Solved! How to Keep YOUR Staff Productivity Maximized
Small business owners and managers with businesses around Lake Norman are always trying to maximize productivity in their office and work place.  “Lean Manufacturing” is a term utilized as an efficiency and productivity motivator.  Lean manufacturing entails only warehousing necessary materials to produce a product, only the absolute amount of vendor products needed are ordered and the products are delivered precisely when needed to complete an order.  Reducing inventory, increasing productivity speed, eliminating waste, reducing warehouse space and improved efficiency is the driving force behind lean manufacturing, and it works!

Network and computer efficiency is another area often addressed by Cornelius & Lake Norman business owners.  With technology use in small businesses at an all-time high, “The Network” has quickly become another employee and arguably the most efficient and least paid!

Networks are comprised of:

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Hardware
  • Software

We make certain your small business network retains its crown as the “Top Producer” of all your employees.  Here are our 5 Steps to keep your network and staff productive:

  1. Starting with the server (some small business owners do not have or need a server) we examine the hardware and software for possible issues, speed and age.
  2. Next is the office hardware for efficiency, which is the PC’s, Laptops, Pads, Phones and office Peripherals.
  3. Third is the software; computer software is communication, without software nothing in your office could interact with each other and/or exchange data.  From Microsoft Office on your computer to Red Hat on your server, we keep the data flowing.
  4. Once all computer entities are performing properly, we customize a maintenance plan.  Things change in the technology world, so staying on top of “The Network” keeps everything fast and functional.  Customizing our computer services for each small business client avoids over paying for unnecessary services.
  5. Finally is communication; dependable, professional technicians respond when their clients reach out for assistance and we have a customize communications program with every client we serve.  When our customers need help, we respond!

If your office is experiencing productivity issues related to your network, consider calling us, we are the dependable IT professionals @ McCann & Associates!



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