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Carbonite Online Data Backup
Last month I set up an online data backup service for one of my customers.  He was very insistent that his very important data was vulnerable and he was not manually backing it up safely, efficiently or regularly.  He declared numerous times how his friend had lost so much of his client’s information due to a computer crash and how he must be prepared for any type of data disaster.

I assured my friend that we would have him setup and backing up to a very safe, affordable and easily accessed remote server.

I prefer Carbonite for this service; I use it myself and recommend it to all my clients with sensitive data.  The service is not free, but is very reasonable priced, for much less than $100 a year, all your files will be safely copied to a remote server that only you have access to.

I called my friend yesterday to see how he liked the program, (the initial upload takes about 10 days to 2 weeks depending on the amount of data to be uploaded, but after that it’s only minutes).  He remarked that it was much faster than he expected and how the program uploaded over 20 of his old websites overnight, including numerous videos.  The program has him very pleased and hopefully his PC doesn’t crash, but if it does, he knows 2 things for certain:

  1. I will be there to fix his computer
  2. Carbonite has his data safely backed up!