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Business Computing in 2015
With 2015 upon us, as small business owners, did you make resolutions for your business goals in 2015?  Many small business owners and managers in Mooresville actually do have a plan, but often times the plan becomes outdated due to: Time, Technology or Money.

To start the new year off right, we decided the first post of the year should be about 2015 and what small business owners and managers (much like ourselves) can do and watch for to stay as productive and cost effective as possible this year.

Time is our most valuable commodity, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good, so Time Management is essential for a small business serving Lake Norman and it’s shoreline of residents and businesses.  How can you “Get the Most” out of every minute?  Computer efficiency is a major time saver, if your co-workers take a break while their computer is “Booting Up” then you have a computer efficiency issue.  These can be fast, easy and inexpensive to resolve or it may require purchasing new equipment, IF your business computers operating system is 3 versions or less old, it probably can be repaired and returned to maximum performance, 4+ versions old typically mandates replacement.  We will gladly help you make that decision, your efficiency is our business!

Technology is moving at rocket ship pace, what was new is now old in just an accelerated year or less.  How do you keep up?  What can be done to stay productive without always having to buy new equipment or install new software? Purchasing open ended software that supports automated upgrades and updates is the answer.  Office 365 is a favorite product of ours!  Everyone uses the Office Suite, but most small businesses are running old versions that is not compatible with the newer versions.  Office 365 is downloadable and will update when the latest version is released, all this is for 1 annual fee.  We help with installs and upgrades on all software.

Money is why we are in business to start with.  Profitable is not Comfortable!  That is a saying from our marketing guy and he believes it.  Getting out of your comfort zone may require spending a little money, but the return may be outstanding.  Keeping your office Network, Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets and Pads operating at maximum efficiency doesn’t have to be expensive.  Our support plan will ensure you have the technology support, at reduced rates and be a preferred client.

3 things we can do to save you: Time, Money & Frustration!

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