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3 Simple Computer Steps for Troutman Business Owners
We work with numerous small business owners and managers in beautiful Troutman, NC (the North side of Lake Norman).  Recently, while working on a network in Troutman, our client asked about our services and what could be done in-house to save them more money.

My co-IT-worker (new word???) and I spoke about the variety of things many business owners could do themselves with their computers and then provided a more specific answer best suited for his needs.  As we were driving from Troutman, the conversation reverted back to the client’s question: What can I do to my small business computers and network to save $$$?

After further discussion, here are the 3 simple computer steps a small business owner or manager can do themselves to save money and frustration with their computers.

  1. Anti-Virus Software:  We always recommend avoiding “Freeware” simply because you get what you pay for!  Protecting your computer from viruses will save you tons of money over the life of the machine.
  2. Battery Backup & Surge Protection:  Data is the most valuable entity of your business.  A sudden stoppage or jolt of electricity to your network could corrupt your information, with the cost to repair or replace it possible reaching into the thousands of dollars.
  3. Cloud Based Data Backup:  Remote backups of your computers data is unmeasurably valuable.  Knowing you have that backup will also help you sleep at night!  Copying data to remote, cloud based servers has become a big business and rightfully so, it’s inexpensive and works!

Notice that we didn’t recommend a software, battery or data backup provider, that’s simply because every business is unique and what works for one never works for all.  If you would like a recommendation, just call us and we will have a quick conversation and happily recommend brands we trust.



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