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Your Friendly Reminder to Act on Recommended Security Practices

At John McCann and Associates, Inc., there are recommended actions we suggest you take every few months to protect your company’s vital data and prevent cybersecurity issues. If it’s been several months since you updated your business’ cybersecurity plan, here are some best practice steps we recommend taking today:

  • First, change the passwords on all your email accounts. This goes for your Outlook account and the email password on your phone. Make sure all your employees change the passwords on their company computers, as well.
  • Change the passwords on all your business’ Windows accounts.
  • Use strong passwords that are phrases.
  • If you have any unused accounts, delete them to prevent stolen data and information.
  • Set up multifactor identification for all your accounts and devices if you have not done so already.
  • Document your business’ cybersecurity practices and make sure your employees know where they can access them.

Recently, we had a report from a referral of a (supposed) Russian ransomware infection that was to be paid in Bitcoin. It was later discovered that a former employee’s old account was behind the threat. Cyberthreats like these are very real, and unless you take proper action to protect your business, your operations could be at risk.

If you have not acted on these best practices, we can take action for you. Give us a call!