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What a Managed Services Provider Does: Everything You Need to Know

A downed network, software issue, or data management breach are all problems you turn to your IT service provider to fix. Unfortunately, the fix only happens after the problem threatens your business’ operations, not before, and your call to your IT professional becomes an emergency.

Managed IT services break away from this cycle and change the way businesses deal with technology. Instead of relying on the break-fix cycle, organizations operating with managed services have the opportunity to prevent problems before they disrupt management, employees, and clients. Generally speaking, your managed IT provider will help you with things like patches, security, and backups to greatly reduce the chances that your business will face an IT outage or another problem later on that could negatively affect your operations.

Achieve Significant Cost Savings

When you call your IT provider to fix a singular problem, they likely charge you by the hour until the issue is resolved. With managed IT services, you spend less on IT service than you would ordinarily because remote maintenance, monitoring, and the prevention of larger issues requires less attention than a downed system or another larger problem. For this reason, you essentially receive better service without having to spend more.

Other benefits of enrolling in managed services with your IT provider include the following:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Minimized downtime when an IT issue does arise
  • Cost-effective access to ongoing IT support
  • More focus on the operations of your business and less on managing IT problems
  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing your network is monitored 24/7

A well-maintained computer network that is proactively serviced by a professional will always run better and more efficiently than the alternative. For further information about managed IT services, contact us at John McCann and Associates, Inc. or click here to visit our website.