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Our managed IT services team is here to make your life easier, which is why’re we’re always offering tips on how to streamline your processes. One of the best things you can do to speed up your production on a day-to-day basis is to familiarize yourself with the Windows function keys on your keyboard and what they do. Here’s what our managed IT services team wants you to know about them:

  • F1 — Open the help screen for nearly any program
  • F2 – Rename a selected file or folder (in Windows File Explorer)
  • F3 — Open the search feature in some applications
  • F4 – In Excel, repeat last formatting
  • F5 – Refresh or reload a page (on your browser)
  • F6 – Move the mouse to the address bar in an internet browser
  • F7 – Spell check your document in Microsoft Word
  • F8 – Access the boot menu when you’re turning on your computer
  • F9 – Send and receive messages in Microsoft Outlook, or refresh documents in Microsoft Word
  • F10 — Activate the menu bar of an application already in use, or press Shift + F10 to right click
  • F11 – Enter and exit full-screen mode while using an internet browser
  • F12 – Open the “Save As” dialogue box in Microsoft Word