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MileIQ: (App Cost: $59.99 annually, unlimited monthly drives)

 Automatically tracks mileage in the background as you travel with your iPhone (Drive Detection On)

 Remembers common trips (Auto Classifies) PO Box, bank, office, etc.

 Generates a year-end report for tax purposes

 Only interaction: for new trips, swipe left for Personal, swipe right for Business

 Mileage dollar calculation is automatic per trip, per time period

Click here to get MileIQ in the iTunes Store now!

AirBnB App: (Hotel Cost: $45 – $55, Sarasota)

 Great pricing

 Professional-like hosting

 Fairly easy to schedule

Click here to get AirBnB App in the iTunes Store now!

Uber: (Very reasonable pricing, about $1 per mile or so)

 10-minute advance notice

 Can see who you driver is and what they look like

 Can see exact location of driver as he arrives

 Can see arrival time down to the minute – accurate

Click here to get Uber in the iTunes Store now!

Stay tuned for Part 2, our favorite FREE business apps!

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