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When you take photos with your iPhone, they might not come out as crisp and Instagram-worthy as you hoped for. This is because whenever you take a picture with your iPhone, or any camera for that matter, sharpening, white balance, and noise reduction are instantly applied to the shot. The trick to eliminating all of this processing, and to get better photos overall, is to shoot raw, so you have significantly more data to work with while editing.

Although Apple doesn’t have a raw feature capture right now, you can still download another app, like Manual, ProCamera, or Adobe Lightroom, to make it happen. Keep in mind that compared with other JPEG counterparts, raw photos take up more space, so try to keep as much of your phone’s storage space open as you capture images.

What’s Next?

After you have raw photos on your phone, you have tons of editing flexibility to take advantage of. Although you can edit your photos on iOS 10 in an app like Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom Mobile also has comprehensive editing capabilities.

Exporting Raw Files

If you want, you can export your raw photos to your desktop to edit them by simply using AirDrop to get your images from your iOS device to your Mac. However, if you edit your photos using Adobe Lightroom Mobile, you need a Creative Cloud subscription to get the native DNG file from your phone to your desktop.

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