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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that fully or partially paralyzes your computer and demands that you pay a “ransom” to the malware operators to re-gain access to your computer and your files.  Ransomware is often disguised as a seemingly legitimate file attachment or can be caused by a vulnerability in a network service.

Examples of Ransomware

CryptoWall is a type of ransomware that has recently been wreaking havoc on computer systems. It encrypts your documents, system files, and programs and demands a fee of up to $500 to re-gain access to these items. The ransom doubles every week until the option to pay disappears completely, preventing you from ever accessing your files again, even if you pay the ransom.

Removal and Prevention

If your computer does fall victim to ransomware, don’t panic!  There are a few companies that have been working on anti-encryption methods to help you out, and there are computer professionals like us who can run attempt to recover your files. For example, after disabling System Restore, you can obtain/run anti-malware software.

To prevent ransomware infections from happening in the first place, keep these things in mind:

    Back up your files regularly.
    Scan your system regularly with anti-malware.
    Apply software updates as soon as they become available.
    Only download or open email attachments from trusted sources.
    Access your trusted websites via bookmarks.

Do you need help preventing your computer from falling victim to ransomware?  Have you or someone you know already been infected?  We can help! Contact us today!