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When your computing device is 4-6 years old, it’s time to consider your next purchase.

(Are you backing up your data?!)

This pre-purchase process applies to a server, desktop, laptop, tablet or a smart phone!

We INTERVIEW you, INVENTORY your existing computing device with you and … then on our own, we SHOP the marketplace, for you.

Together, with you… for 30 Minutes:

1) We INTERVIEW you – You know how you have used your computing device, and you have an idea how you will use a new one. We have our own internal checklist that guides our dialogue.

2) We INVENTORY your existing computer. That means we examine your existing hardware and all the programs and ways you use your existing computing device.

On our own, we…

3) SHOP – To get you the absolute best deal and best value for your dollar. We go to industry-leading manufacturers and examine the best purchasing outlets. We do this all the time and know the industry leaders.

Call us when you are ready!