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iPad Tips 6
Here is another set of helpful iPad tips I’m certain you will enjoy.  Remember, If your iPad ever gives you any trouble, call us to have it professionally repaired.  We work on Apple products as well as Microsoft, so we can assist you with all your computing issues not just the ones on a PC.

HD TV and your iPad:  If you own one of the newer iPads, it will connect to your HD television.  You will need the Digital AV Adapter from Apple (which connects from your 30-pin Dock adaptor to a HDMI port) or you can use the old Apple VGA Adaptor.  If you need to purchase either connector, both are available from the Apple Store.  The iPad 2 and new iPad support video mirroring, so your entire Home screen will appear on the TV, not just the videos you play.

Quickly Mute the Volume:  The original iPads were void of a dedicated muting button, there was no mute button anywhere on those iPads.  The newer iPads and current ones, with iOS 4.3, Apple has implemented a mute button and given you the choice of using the lock switch to mute the sound or lock the iPad’s orientation.  Regardless of how you prefer, an easy way for quickly muting your iPad is to press and hold the Volume-down button.

The Apple Keyboard:  If you miss you keyboard, don’t get upset or stray away from the iPad because of its touch screen, any Apple Wireless Keyboard will work with your device. Actually, your iPad will work with any Bluetooth keyboard you may already own.  Some iPad cases have a keyboard built in, which is very convenient.


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