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iPad Tips 5
Here is number 5 in our ongoing series of iPad tips.  I hope you are enjoying the new iPad you got for Christmas and some of these tips will help.

SECURITY – Sensitive data is often transported on iPads, now there is a feature available that will erase all the data on your iPad if someone enters the wrong password 10 times: Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data.

MUTE – Many people didn’t like the update that replaced Orientation Lock with Mute on their iPads.  Since then Apple has made Orientation Lock available as a choice: Settings > General and choose either Lock Rotation or Mute.

APPS – Apps running in the background will consume your battery life and your data package if connected to the Internet other than a hotspot.  Easily know which apps are running on your iPad by: Double-clicking the Home button will display all your apps that are active on your iPad.  Switch to one of the active apps by tapping on it or swipe the screen downwards to remove the bar.


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