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Get Your Business Ready for the Approaching Hurricane

North and South Carolina are in the direct path of Hurricane Florence, a powerful Category 4 hurricane. The entire East Coast, as well as the Northeast, is expected to be hit with heavy rains, extensive flooding, an extreme storm surge, and devastating winds over the next few days. While you may be focused on gathering extra food, finding extra batteries for your flashlights, and making other preparations at home, is your business ready for what’s to come?

Here are some ways we recommend getting your business and data ready for the impending hurricane and other natural disasters that may come your way in the future from an IT perspective:

  • Make sure your business’ critical data is stored in at least two places. Double check that all data is completely backed up both at an onsite and remote location.
  • If your location has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with surge protection, turn off the unit and disconnect your device from power.
  • If your unit does not have a UPS, the same advice applies. Turn off the unit and disconnect from power.
  • Does your office lie in an area prone to flooding? Move all your electronic devices to the highest spot possible in your building. Even simply moving electronic equipment from the floor to the top of a desk can often spare it from the worst of the floodwaters.
  • If your employees need to work remotely in the days leading up to and following the storm, enable remote access to your data.

If you need help with any of the above actions, or you have questions about protecting your business’ data, contact us at John McCann and Associates, Inc. We are ready and waiting to assist you!