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Keeping your iPhone updated is one of the best ways to ensure you’re always able to use the latest iOS features. To check for updates and follow through with the updating process, all you have to do is tap “Settings”. Then, go to “General” and tap “Software Update”. If it says there’s a new update, hit “Download and Install”, and then “Install Now”. Your iPhone will then automatically start installing the update.

Chances are, you spend a large majority of the day staring at your phone and computer screen. Studies show that too much exposure to bright blue light after dark can affect your circadian rhythms, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Not only is your sleep affected, but staring at a screen can significantly strain your eyes. The good news is that Apple is coming up with new features to fight digital eye strain. For instance, Apple recently introduced the Night Shift feature on iOS that adjusts the color of your display after sunset.

After you update your iPhone to the newest software setting by going through the steps listed above, you can enable Night Shift on your phone by opening the Control Center. Then, tap the half-moon symbol located in the upper right to turn Night Shift on or off. You can also enable this feature by going to Settings, then Display & Brightness, and then Night Shift.

If you’re not already using Night Shift, give it a try! Your eyes will thank you later.