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5 Essential Reasons Why Your Business Needs an NAS Device

Whether you operate a dental practice, bakery, restaurant, retail store, accounting firm, or another type of business, your operations rely on data every single day. While you may be good about backing up your data and ensuring its security, it may not be as safe, available, and secure as it could be. While external hard drives and cloud storage are both good options for data storage and access, both have their limitations, so what’s the best solution for keeping your data available and protected from cybercrime?

The answer may be a network-attached storage (NAS) device. The sweet spot between a server and a hard drive, these devices have a defined purpose and offer simplicity of use and installation. Here are just five reasons why your business should switch to an NAS device for data storage:

1. Privacy—Whether you’re dealing with medical records, patient Social Security numbers, or financial information, the answer may be a network-attached storage (NAS) device to safeguard your operations against a data breach.

2. Accessibility—With an NAS device, your information and data are available to you whenever you need it, unlike a cloud device that is only accessible when connected to a reliable internet connection. An NAS can be a part of attaining a 3-2-1 backup compliance strategy. Stayed tuned for more details.

3. Seamless backups—You can set up your NAS device to sync your data regularly, so your information is saved in the event of a failure.

4. Video surveillance support—Certain NAS devices can provide robust performance and connectivity for transcoding and video surveillance. This allows you to access your cameras from any device at any time.

5. Cost savings—Sending all your data to the cloud can get expensive, but using an NAS device to store large, critical files can eliminate some of this cost.

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